Top 10 Cast Iron Tips

Cranberry sauce in a 3Qt. BSR Stew Pot.
  1. Preheat your pan thoroughly on medium to medium high, THEN add oil. A little smoke coming off the pan is okay.
  2. Use adequate oil or fat to cook, but you don’t need a ton.
  3. Never add cold water to a hot pan, it could crack.
  4. To clean your pan, make sure you have hot water going at the sink. Clean your pans while still warm. Wipe out excess oil, then add a tiny bit of olive oil. Spray your pan with the high pressure setting and fill up. Let sit about 5 minutes. Clean with a stainless steel spatula.
  5. Always dry your pans thoroughly before putting away.
  6. After drying, heat the pan a little bit on the stove, add a little oil, and wipe out.
  7. Never leave excess oil on your pans, they will become sticky.
  8. Cook food longer in cast iron. Often it will look as if it’s boiling, but may need more time. Cast iron does not heat as quickly as say, stainless steel.
  9. Do not store food or leftovers in cast iron. You would be much better served by storing in glass, stoneware, Pyrex, etc.
  10. Use caution when making acidic dishes such as tomato sauce. You may want to season or oil your pan before cooking these items. Or, use enameled cast iron.
The Twister (German Bundt)-beautifully smooth surface!

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