About Me

What me? My story? I suddenly feel like this is the opening scene of “The Jerk.”

I always wanted to learn to cook from my earliest days. Unfortunately, I never had access to good cookware, nor a decent stove-top and oven range, so cooking became more of an art of survival. I made whatever I had work. From thin pans, to cheapo teflon, none of it worked well. I also didn’t really have a good cooking education despite having a chef for a Grandfather, it was more “watch and see” and “trial and error.” Later in my 30’s, I decided there HAD to be better cookware out there. From my first piece of enameled cast iron, I was sold on this wonderful cookware. I later moved into black iron and that brought its own set of issues, I had to re-learn how to cook in black iron, and maintain the surface by cleaning and drying it properly. And then finally, I ventured off into restoring and haven’t looked back. It’s an enjoyable hobby that you can do at your own pace.

As far as my life, I started out in school being a musician (flute/piccolo player) and that was about all I was good at. I was okay in school except for math. I decided to continue my musical career part time with the Army Reserve and retired several years ago due to my health. If you’d like to follow my health journey, visit http://healingmyrootcause.com. During this time, I also began to work in accounting with an emphasis in computers. I really enjoy blogging and I have so much to say that it’s nice to have an outlet.

Take care and happy cooking everyone!

Gena Hassan